Mick is an exceptionally highly motivated and experienced trainer. With ten years service in the Special Forces his expertise and formal qualifications were used in the development of specific conditioning techniques and programming for combat related missions. This included a high level of mental and physical preparation of Special Forces teams and individuals.

Mick continually develops his knowledge and has applied scientific principles to strength and conditioning programs including rehabilitation for corporate clients. His experience and understanding of functional conditioning has him working with elite and recreational athletes for optimal performance.

Mick has an innate ability to train and impart knowledge to others easily, coupled with his technical expertise, this holds him in high steed in the fitness and personal training industry.
Personal Trainers and Coaches come to Mick to learn training methods and delivery of instruction to their clients.
Mick holds formal qualifications in strength conditioning techniques, including Coach in Olympic Weight Lifting, Strength and Conditioning.

10 Years Training Australia’s Elite Commando’s
11 Years Coaching CrossFit to Civilians
6 Years CrossFit Games Regional Director Australia
3 Years CrossFit Games Regional Director Pacific

Cert 4 Personal Trainer
Cert 3 Gym Instructor
Combat Fitness Leader
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Olympic Weight Lifting Coach Level 2 Australia
Olympic Weight Lifting Coach Level 1 Australia
CrossFit Competition Certification
CrossFit Weight Lifting Coach
CrossFit Endurance Certification
CrossFit Running Certification
CrossFit Motivation Certification
CrossFit Kettlebell Instructor Certification
CrossFit Gymnastic’s Certification
Glen Pendley Level 2 Olympic Lifting Seminar
Glen Pendley Level 1 Olympic Lifting Seminar
Donny Shanckle Olympic Lifting Seminar
Scientific Back Conditioning Cert
Scientific Core Conditioning Cert